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My short story, THE SNAKE CHARMER'S PIPE, is in the charity anthology Chamber of Music. It is available to buy in paperback and ebook from Amazon, Smashwords, and Createspace.

The Faustine Chronicles - New Adult / Dark Fantasy / Family Saga

Nicodemus Basir, a Chronicler, is visited in visions by Fate, Time and Chance and records the history of his race. These are his Chronicles. 

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If the girl doesn't choose the villain over her first love, the world is going to end. Fate has Her work cut out in this one: in a world of sociopathic faeries, supernatural wolves and berserking warriors, keeping Elsa Faustine alive long enough to figure things out is not an easy task, even for the Mother of Destiny...  

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One child is born with the power of Death - another is born to wear a cursed crown. Linked by war and conquest, destinies are disrupted by the intervention of a Faerie Queen with a penchant for abducting children...  including Elsa Faustine's dangerously powerful son.

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The end of the world is nigh: and now the Faustines, a dysfunctional, divided family, will see what they are made of, and how far they are each prepared to go. Some will be faced with the ultimate sacrifice: others will be forced to contemplate murder. Will they fail, dooming their world, or will they triumph - and forge a divided future?


Nicodemus the Chronicler is dead, but that doesn't stop Death recruiting him to record events in the Underworld. Souls are being resurrected without Death's permission - and Death wants Her favourite Necromancer, Yury Faustine, to investigate. Joined by Nicodemus's descendant Constance, Yury crosses dimensions in search of the truth: but when they discover the identity of the souls now causing havoc in the mortal world, Yury is faced with a difficult dilemma, and even Nicodemus questions Death's judgement.

The Crows - New Adult / Urban Paranormal / Murder Mystery

Jobless, homeless, single and broke, Carrie Rickard is forced to move into the crumbling Fairwood House, the unfinished renovation project that has eaten her savings. Known locally as The Crows, the old house has just as many secrets as the seaside town in which Carrie tries to rebuild her life - including a sinister music box belonging to the Fairwood estate, which mysteriously washes up on the beach. Someone doesn't want the music box to return home: and when Carrie opens it, the killings begin.  

The Case Notes of Dr Monday - Short Story Anthology / Paranormal 

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Co-written with Fiona Murphy, this anthology of short paranormal tales inspired the novel THE CROWS. Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Dr Monday. Give him a moment to put on one of his faces, and wait for those six magic words: 
                                    The doctor will see you now...

Children of Cronos - Novella / Crime / Psychological

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Two serial killers correspond, luring each other into a deadly game although they have never met. No one is safe - and when they unknowingly find themselves on the same delayed train, are they even safe from each other...?

Black Gables - Historical Fiction / Murder Mystery

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It's 1955, and Penny Snow is tired of her dull, grey life, and living with her mum. She takes a job with the odious Frank Goldhill-Chambers, a tycoon who wants a live-in secretary. Not long after Penny arrives at Black Gables, Frank Goldhill-Chambers is shot dead in a locked room: and Penny soon discovers that everyone in the house has motive, means, and opportunity...

Fairy Tale - Children's / Contemporary Fantasy / Welsh Mythology

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It all starts when Cerys sees her grandfather's ghost, and receives a magical pendant and his book about fairies. When she accidentally uses the pendant to awaken the Fair Folk, she and her brother Tom are drawn into an ancient rivalry of legendary princes, magicians and myths, and a strange Otherworld where nothing is as it seems and no one can be trusted...