Getting My Loom In A Twist

Well, this doesn't happen often. I pride myself on my emotionless state, but occasionally I become irritated.

"Don't get Your loom in a twist" was a phrase coined by Lord Chance after a particularly memorable and unfortunate incident back in prehistory, when My loom actually did become tangled and the Creator had to re-think the world of talking reptiles. We ended up with talking apes, instead.*

Lord Chance and His conjoined twin, the deaf-blind Lady Luck, are the bane of My eternal existence. Chance is always trying to thwart My well-laid plans with a roll of His infernal dice, and Luck, let Me tell you, is no lady. Father Chaos is just as bad. (He is called 'Father' because Chaos gives birth to order, but only a man could make quite as much mess in the process...)

I digress.

Through no end of disasterous meddling, which I have had to spend My eternity mopping up, the apocalypse is prematurely nigh. I don't want to worry you all, but unfortunately, there it is.

Fear not, though - I am on my way to averting this disaster.

  • Stage 1: Hatch A Cunning, Cosmic Plan. 

  • Stage 2: Hint via Prophecies. 
Check. (The damn fools had translated it incorrectly by the time it got around to being fulfilled, but I made sure a Seer put them right...)

  • Stage 3: Conception of the Hero. 
Che -

Hm. Well.

We may have a problem there. If you read this, you'll see why....

*Apologies and correction: I somehow forgot about the Saurians of Saura. Yes, we do have talking reptiles. We also have various kinds of Elf, Goblin, Dwarf, Dragon, Centaur, Faerie, Merfolk, and so on. Perhaps the occasional unicorn. Unnecessarily spiky pack-horses. Ahem. Yes. Well. As you were.