Tweeting Fate

For those of you with twitter, I have now set up a twitter account. You may follow me @TweetingFate. I am becoming quite technologically savvy since arriving in your world! I think it stems from a certain author, Ken Magee, whose novels inspired me to take to the "internet". 

[I would recommend this man's works. His depiction of the Fate who governs your world is quite fascinating. I took it to be a documentary. Intrigued? Follow him on twitter @KenMagee.]

Ken Magee
Author of Dark Tidings and Black Conspiracy

I was asked on twitter what my favourite food was. I was a little confused. 
I do not eat. 
Why would I do that? 
                                 I had a serious think about this, and I concluded that I am very curious about chili peppers. I like things with inevitable outcomes. 

Fate Fact:
In my own world we do have such things, but they are called capes pods. 'Capes' is Lothar for 'flavour'. They are mainly found in the Lotharian Empire, hence the name. 

What else might I like the taste of? 

Tweet your suggestions or post them in the comments. I would be interested to experiment while I am here. 

If you wish to know anything about the mortals I have dealt with, just ask!

If you wish to know anything about the places Time is now guiding you through, I am also happy to share My insight. 

Enjoy, and remember: you can tweet Me, not cheat Me.