Sorry for the Hiatus!

Quick hello to break my silence: I've been focusing on my academic career this year, and have my first article published! I have another two forthcoming, plus the monograph (single-author book), a book chapter in a volume I've co-edited with my Supervisor and two other members of my conference team (I co-founded and co-organise a biannual conference), and, um, I have three other articles looking for homes at the moment. Well, one is submitted and in the academic version of the slush pile, awaiting referee selection. The other is due to be submitted shortly, and the third is yet to be written but is co-authored, and has a December deadline.

Oh, and there's that book review I'm writing.

And the impact projects I'm working on - enriching the curricula of secondary schools, and so on.

My novel writing is sadly on hold and I do miss it so.

I'm doing #AcWriMo this month, the academic writing version of #NaNoWriMo, just to get three chapters of my book done for the panel if they like my proposal and ask for a sample chapter.

I miss the worlds in my head, but the real world is also full of adventures!

I will be back with you all soon, I hope!



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